MapStore is an highly modular Open Source WebGIS framework to create, manage and securely share maps and mashups.

This simple and intuitive framework is able to mix map contents provided by OpenStreetMap, Bing or other servers compliant to OGC standards like WFS, CSW, WMC, WMS, WMTS and TMS.

MapStore resources are not only related to Maps but also Dashboards and Stories; in MapStore you can create your own innovative and fascinating Application Context where users can save, manage and share its own resources by also managing access permissions to other groups of users.

Demo and binary

For the purpose of this training we will mainly use the binary package, which is available on the MapStore release page (check the links at the bottom of this page).

The purpose of the binary package is to make MapStore easier to use for new users who are interested in quickly evaluating its functionality without having to worry about configuring all the system requirements required by the application for typical production use.

Make sure to read the startup documentation here.

For certain functionalities where the user integration with a GIS server like GeoServer is needed (see here), the GeoSolutions QA demo instance will be used instead, where the needed configuration is already in place.