MapStore Framework - Frontend Only Project Examples

This section showcase some projects and experimental apps where MapStore has been used as frontend framework and in some case integrated with API or backend services different from GeoStore (the default backend provided by MapStore):

  • MapStore COVID-19 US Tracking Dashboard: This is an experimental Dashboard for COVID-19 US Tracking built using MapStore. A MapStore custom dashboard interacts with the COVID Tracking Project API

  • Events Tracking Map Demo - GeoServer/PostGIS/MapStore: This project shows how to use GeoServer, PostGIS and MapStore in a docker container to visualize location data related to an event. The sample data provided in the repository is crime/complaint data of the cities of New York and Denver available to the open data portals.

  • GeoNode MapStore Client Integration: GeoNode is a web-based application and platform for developing geo-spatial information systems (GIS) and for deploying spatial data infrastructures (SDI). GeoNode MapStore Client is a frontend application that interacts with the GeoNode API V2 to allows users to navigate and discover GeoNode resources.

  • OGC Experimental Applications: This repository contains two projects developed using MapStore as a frontend client. These applications has been implemented as components for OGC Testbed Experimentation.

    Building Energy Data application

    Building Energy Data: visualization and style classification of energy spatial data provided by the OGC Features API endpoints in 2D/3D formats: 3D Tiles and GeoJSON