The part comprehends javascript, react, redux (redux-thunk and rxjs-observable)

Provides - a plugin system that allows to develop separated components to add to the application - StandardApp and StandardStore to build your custom application in minutes as a framework - A project creation system to create your own project based on MapStore, without forking

Is Mapping library Agnostic

Mapping library is wrapped in react components


MapStore front-end


Uses - MapStore back-end (Java / Spring MVC) - GeoStore (external application merged-in) - http-proxy (external application merged-in)


  • MapStore Back-end: Base services to support extensions and data dir system (introduced in 2020.02.00)
  • GeoStore:
    • Base services for authentication and authorization (resource sharing) and accounting
    • Base support for integration with GeoServer/LDAP
  • http-proxy: Secured proxy to communicate with external services without CORS.

mapstore back-end