There are several configuration files to take into account in a MapStore installation. They can be divided in two categories:

  • Back-end configuration: files that configure the Java Back-End of MapStore (proxy, database, ldap, logging…)

  • Front-end configuration: files to configure MapStore application (pages, plugins, map…)

  • Printing module configuration (optional): files to configure the printing module.

Some of these configuration can be externalized from the webapp folder, to preserve them across application updates. See the dedicated section for this


The separation between front end and back end configuration keeps the two parts independent, allowing to create MapStore projects with different back-ends.

Back-end configuration

Configuration files for Back-end are xml and properties files you can find in WEB-INF/classes directory.

  • configuration file for the internal proxy (useful for cross-origin requests).

  • configuration file for the database

  • configuration for the logging.

These files can be edited directly in the webapp folder or externalized, to preserve your changes across updates.


These files in the MapStore project folder will be copied by maven from web/src/main/resources directory into WEB-INF/classes. So if a developer wants to customize them at build time, they can be copied from that position.

Front-end configuration

The front end configuration files consists in some JSON files that will be loaded via HTTP from the client. These JSON files are located in the configs directory of the webapp.

You can find more information about how to configure these files checking


For version before 2021.02.xx, the configuration files was in the root directory

Printing module configuration

If the printing module has been installed, in mapstore.war it can be configured by editing the files in printing. This folder contains print plugin configuration and some additional resources related to print. In particular the file config.yaml contains all the configuration of the module, like:

  • allowed hosts/scales and resolutions

  • All the Print Layouts (A3, A4)

You can edit this file to have your printing layouts and options.

Because the mapstore printing module is an extension of the MapFish print (with some additional features), you can find how to configure it directly on the official MapFish print documentation.


Because the printing module inherits from MapFish project, version 1.2, the position of this file can not be externalized without customizing the web.xml file.